Reading Counts

Reading Counts

Reading Counts is a motivational reading program designed to increase reading skills and comprehension. After reading a book, students take a 10 question multiple-choice computerized quiz. If they score 70% or higher on the quiz, they are credited with points, based on the book’s length and level of difficulty. These points are accumulated throughout their years at Dassel Elementary. Students are eligible for Reading Counts prizes at specified point totals. Below is a list of Reading Counts quizzes and prizes.

Scholastic Reading Counts Awards

25 pts.: Certificate of Achievement

50 pts.: DC Athletic Pass or Reading Counts Pencil

100 pts.: Prize from Reading Counts Treasure Box

250 pts.: Free Pizza at Dassel Entertainment Center

375 pts.: Reading Bracelet

500 pts.: Reading Counts T-shirt

750 pts.: Book Light

1000 pts.: Reading Counts Cap

1500 pts.: Reading Counts Medal and a Book

2000 pts.: $25.00 Gift Certificate at Barnes & Noble

3000 pts.: $35 Gift Certificate at the Charger Closet Store (located in the Activities Office at the High School)

5000 pts.: $50.00 Gift Certificate at Barnes & Noble