Gifted & Talented

Dassel Elementary Gifted & Talented (Odyssey)

Vision: "Every youth enrolled should have the program appropriate to his/her needs that results in success for the student."

History: The Dassel-Cokato Gifted Program (known as Odyssey) was begun in 1982. It resulted from a year long task force study headed by Craig Kay, former Dassel principal and gifted/talented coordinator. Alisa Johnson currently serves as the Odyssey coordinator.

Elementary Program: In grades four through six, identified students are pulled out of the mainstream classes one morning per week for special learning experiences. Curriculum is written and/or chosen to reflect activities at the higher levels of thinking in Bloom's taxonomy. Students may also enter academic competitions such as Odyssey of the Mind and ThinkQuest.

Middle School Program: Middle School by nature of its own philosophy is very conducive to the enrichment and acceleration needed for Odyssey students. Special contests, individualized assignments, and extended learning classes provide students with opportunities for enrichment. All 5th-8th grade Odyssey students are also in one of three gifted advisories. These advisories focus on meeting the social and academic needs of the Odyssey student.

Starting in seventh and continuing through eighth grade, each student has the option of doing an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). The student, teacher , and the student's parents develop this optional ILP contract with a focus on meeting the student's individual needs and interests.

High School Program: Students identified for Odyssey are eligible for honors and accelerated classes. Other opportunism, open to Odyssey students and all students alike, include speech teams, advanced musical opportunities, math league, and more.

Staff: For more information regarding the Odyssey program at Dassel-Cokato, the following staff members may be contacted:

Alisa Johnson, coordinator 

320.286.4100 x1604

Doug Asquith, Odyssey teacher, grades 3-5 

320.286.4100 x1531

Mike Barton, Odyssey teacher, grade 4 

320.286.4100 x1331