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Questions concerning the levy or bond can be directed to: communications[at]


Our Grandparents' Day celebration at Dassel Elementary will take place on Friday, October 26th at 1:00pm (doors will open at 12:30pm!).  This is a special day for us as we welcome the grandparents to enjoy a program and observe in their grandchild's classroom!  Please assist us in notifying your grandparent(s) so that we can have as many visiting as possible for this fun event!!


WE ARE BUCKET FILLERS at Dassel Elementary!  The students were introduced to the theme for the year that we are ALL focused on being "Bucket Fillers"!  Through kind words and actions, we can help every person feel positive about themselves and others.  Our SSB (Super Supportive Bystander) theme is also still going strong!  The SSB focus is to be a great friend to any person that is in need of support -- you know, a friend to all!  We also reviewed the Talk, Walk, Go strategy for dealing with an uncomfortable situation or when dealing with a bully.  The strategy teaches our students that when you need help, or see someone in need of help, we should TALK -- tell the person you don't like what they are doing and ask them to stop; WALK or move away from the person/situation; and GO for help/go to an adult and ask for help.  Please join us in working with and supporting our students both at school and in the community.  It takes all of us to have an impact needed to prevent bullying!!


Please join us for our upcoming Veteran's Day program on Monday, November 12 at 9:45am.  Everyone is welcome!  Come in the front doors to sign in, the program will take place in the big gym.



Under the new MDE North Star Reporting System, Dassel Elementary was recognized for performing in the highest 5% of the state overall in Math and Reading!!!  This information can be found under the MDE website - Data Center - Minnesota Report Card - North Star - Dassel Elementary - view the list of schools recognized for success - open the downloaded PDF - scroll down grid.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to the AMAZING staff at Dassel Elementary!!  Congratulations to the hard-working students who have practiced, practiced, and practiced all the skill building so that when they take the MCA test in 3rd and 4th grade they know how to strut their stuff!!  WAY TO GO!  Parents, THANK YOU for being our BEST partners in educating these beautiful young minds!!  We all know, it takes a village to EDUCATE * INNOVATE * and help students SUCCEED!!!


Mrs. Eckroad, our school safety supervisor, swore in 45 new fourth graders who are excited and eager to help Dassel Elementary students safely cross the streets before and after school.  They are true leaders in our building!  We are grateful for their time, effort and great attitudes all year long.  Thank you Mrs. Eckroad and patrol staff!!


Continuing this year, bus passes will no longer be issued.  District bus routes are currently at capacity!  Students will only be allowed to ride to/from their designated stop.  If you should have any questions, please contact Nicole Carlen in the district office at (320) 286-4100 x1005.  Thanks for your understanding!

2017-2018 LEEA WINNERS

Congratulations to our Leaders in Education of Excellence Award winners!  Our district recognized four fantastic individuals at a banquet in St. Cloud on Wednesday, October 25.  From left to right:  
Mrs. Nancy Madsen from Dassel Elementary, Mr. Ronald Schultz from Cokato Elementary; Mr. Brian Westby from the High school and 
Mr. TJ Anderson from the Middle School.  Thank you for your dedication and service to our district!  


Every Wednesday evening between 5:00 and 8:00 pm the Cokato Dairy Queen is supporting our elementary schools with a 10% contribution of the total sales!

Our students will take turns providing art work to decorate the eating area of the DQ.  We will alternate Wednesday nights with Cokato Elementary for art work display.

Please stop in and buy a treat and take a look at the wonderful art provided by our children!  What a fun and tasty way to support our schools!!  WE THANK YOU, DQ!!


All parents are asked to pick up their child or drop off their child on the EAST side of the school. For the safety of our students and staff, do not pick up or drop off children while buses are loading/unloading on the south side.

The doors to school will be locked until 7:45 a.m. each day, as we do not have supervision before that time. So please do not send your students to school earlier than 7:45 a.m. 


Save these items and help us raise additional funds for our school! 

Box Tops 

Look for products with the Box Top for Education coupon. Each coupon is worth 10 cents! Please check the expiration date and trim the coupon. Sometimes we will have a special event for the program. The students enjoy collecting for a special goal. Keep on clipping! See for online shopping, saving and clipping, too! 

Food Club/Cash Wise Labels for Learning 

Labels for learning is an easy rewards program. There is a separate printing attached to your receipt with the points for redemption. Please clip this, check the expiration date, and send into school with your student. (If you would like to collect for a while, count the points and then tally and send that to us--yea!) We need to send in the points in bundles of 2,500. 

Pop Can Tops/Tabs 

Yes, we still collect the tabs from the top of cans! We have a wonderful little collection “house” and the tabs are collected and turned into the local McDonalds for the Ronald McDonald House in the metro area. These can be turned in any time! 

Empty Printer Cartridges, etc. 

Over 25 million pounds of empty printer cartridges and cell phones are thrown in landfills each year. Send those old cell phones and empty laser, inkjet, fax and copier cartridges into Dassel Elementary. You will help the environment, too! 


This is a fairly new fundraising option for us. Their theme is: Shop, Snap and Earn. This is a free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Select Dassel Elementary as your school choice, take a picture of your receipt--shop anywhere, buy anything. For more information please check out to learn more.


As a continuation of our school pride theme, all students and staff are encouraged to wear the Dassel-Cokato Charger colors on Fridays throughout the year. 

The colors are blue and white.


Here come the DC Chargers,
fighting to keep our honor;
Cheer for the DC Chargers, 
we’ll win this game! (Rah, Rah, Rah!)
Here’s to the blue and white; 
with all our might we’ll fight. 
Onward to victory, 
we’ll win this game tonight! (Fight!)


2016 Reward School
2012 National Blue Ribbon School

2009 MN Academic Excellence Foundation School Spotlight Award

2009 MN Assoc. of Admin
Distinguished School Award

State School of Excellence 2004-05

National School of Excellence 1990

State School of Excellence 1988 

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Congratulations to 
Mrs. Johnson, the 
2018-19 Dassel Elementary Leadership in Educational Excellence Winner!

Congratulations to 
Mrs. Neu, the 2018-19 Dassel Elementary Educational Support Staff Winner!

Parent Portal Accounts

Infinite Campus is used to maintain all our student and family information. An exciting component of this software is the Parent Portal, which will allow parents better access to their children's grades, lunch account balances, standardized test scores, attendance records, contact information, and immunization records.

Please contact school secretary to activate your account.

Online Payment Center

Fundraising Opportunities

Step Up Day

The 1st Thursday of each Month is Dassel Elementary's Day to Step-Up against Bullying! 

On this day our staff and students are to wear their Step-Up blue shirt/or any navy blue shirt and join us in taking a stand against bullying. We recite our No More Bullying Pledge and sing our song about making new friends. We talk about the tools needed to be prepared to end bullying in our school and community! Thank you for your support, too!